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Fyfe Wilson Ltd, Unit 2, Electro House, Edinburgh Way, Harlow, Essex, CM20 2EG
We are Moving After 15 years in Raynham Road and 97 years in Bishop’s Stortford, Fyfe Wilson will be moving to Harlow. The current plan is to relocate in August 2018 but building work on the new extension (pictured below) is still ongoing. Updates will be posted as they become available. Pumping Station Improvements Fyfe Wilson were tasked with improving some local pumping stations. Although the pumps were working, the installations were in a bad state of repair. Firstly the non return valves were replaced, requiring a confined space entry and areas were cleaned and painted before new cabinets were installed. New control panels were designed and built with the requirement for telemetry signals. These control panels were then installed in the cabinets and wired to the existing pumps and associated control circuits.
Fan being balanced in our workshop
Balancing We offer a balancing service to rotors and fans up to 700mm diameter and 100kg total mass. We have now succesfully balanced several fans on site and have two trained operatives in site balancing This will compliment our on site condition monitoring to predict and prevent the failure of equipment on site. Electromagnets We recently received an order for another 3 electromagnets that we last made in 2012. The magnets, which weigh 1.4 tonnes contain 650kg of copper wound in 14 coils that have water pipes fitted to allow the magnet to be cooled during operation. These “electro- magnets for scientific electron particle exploration”, to work with super klystron valves will be used by CERN in Switzerland and Spain.
The completed unit and one being assembled
Updated 29/04/2020