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Fyfe Wilson Ltd, Unit 2, Electro House, Edinburgh Way, Harlow, Essex, CM20 2EG
With a crane running over our workshop, Fyfe Wilson can work with items up to 3 tonnes. We offer a fully equipped workshop to deal with many types of metalworking. Turning We have a range of lathes that are CNC and manual so that we can offer competitive prices both for small and large batches. Our largest lathe will take a 4.3 metre length up to 90mm diameter and 2.84 metres up to 443mm diameter. At the head there is a gap to take up to 1000mm Diameter. Milling As with turning, we have a selection of manual and CNC mills to provide the flexibility to carry out most types of work. Our CNC mill will take up to 860mm on the horizontal plane and 400mm on the vertical plane. Broaching We have a variety or broaches ranging from 3mm to 25mm including imperial sizes in this range. We have a standard price for broaching at £6 per setup, £1 per line up and £3.25 per key cut. For larger batches (over 50) we can provide a quotation.
Metal Spraying For our repairs we sometimes have to metal spray shafts and can offer this service for any requirement. Welding In house we can offer MIG, TIG, Electric Arc and Gas welding as well as plasma cutting. Whether it is a one off requirement to weld something together or fabricate a complete structure. We also have a petrol driven electric arc and portable MIG welding set that allows us to provide welding on site. Fabrication Fyfe Wilson has a range of cutting, bending, drilling and rolling equipment that allows us to make metal structures. From ramps to staircases we can provide the necessary know how to produce your design. Dosing System Our fabrication department has fabricated and installed many dosing systems for trickling filters over the years for local councils to treat waste water. The system consists of a pump to pump the water into the reservoir and then a channel to distribute the water across the filter bed. The water flowing into the reservoir is used with the aid of a gearbox to continually turn the mechanism.
Dosing System
Replacement endshield made
Welder in action
Updated 29/04/2020